3 steps to create a secure password.

Secure data is vital

We take data protection and client confidentiality extremely seriously

As a virtual reception service we use passwords so much we use an Identity and Access Management System to make it easier. But at home and for personal use it can be a bit of a nightmare. Obviously, we need them, but remembering all the different passwords for different stuff, and how secure are they?

There are a few password testing sites – Kaspersky and “how secure is my password”, which show how frighteningly insecure your password is.

Should you have a different password for everything? I don’t think you can, there are so many things you need passwords for it would be impossible to remember all the variations. You could have one for financials and one for social stuff. But make it as secure as possible and stick with it would be my advice.

So – to create a secure password.

  • Don’t’ include names, words or mnemonics. You could use the first letter of children or siblings names, or the countries on the west coast of Africa.
  • Add in some random numbers.
  • Stick in a symbol somewhere in the middle.

Then you can test it against the sites mentioned above.


And now you just have to remember which sites you have updated.