5 tips to getting best use of a remote appointment booking service

Virtual receptionist

Our remote reception service offers superb customer service

You’ve decided to use a virtual reception service for your clinic or salon, excellent choice.

Everyone involved wants this to work well, but there are some things you need to bear in mind to help you help us to make it right. If you have been making the bookings yourself you will intuitively ask the right questions to get the right person booked into the right appointment. When you are teaching someone else how to do it you need to get right back to basic principles. Below are 5 steps to working out the best way to get your bookings right:

  1. Define who calls the clinic, new Clients, returning clients, clients who need to alter an appointment, requests for special services or any other reasons. You need to work out the route you use to deal with each of these call types.
  2. Imagine you are taking a call for one of these types. Drill down what you need to know at each stage of booking.
  3. Keep it simple. As an example, the first question we ask is, “Have you been to us before” which has 2 options yes or no, and leads us into a new client booking or alternatively someone who should already be on the system. Follow each imaginary conversation through to booking the appointment. Draw it as a flow chart. At each point there should be a choice between 2 options and no more than 4 steps.
  4. Ensure the diary is set up to show when you are available. The receptionist needs to be able to see the available appointments. If you decide to close early every Wednesday show this in the diary. And don’t then expect us to book into Wednesday afternoon for special customers. Its open or closed, nothing else.
  5. Limit the activity and information you require. We would normally expect to be able to look for a gap in the diary, offer the appointment take contact details and book. Looking for a second appointment, taking card details, entering information into another bit of software all take more time and are all going to be charged as extras.

A virtual receptionist is a great asset to your business, remember to keep us informed and keep it simple.