A New Diabetic Treatment

Many of our clients are Podiatrists, so this paper will be of special interest to them, and of course anyone else with an interest in type 2 diabetes.

A study carried out by scientists in California has found a potential new treatment for the growing problem of diabetes.

Researchers found that a single injection of FGF1, a growth factor, can bring blood sugar levels to normal for a period of two days. Moreover, the treatment has no side effects. The results of the study were published in the Nature journal, and it is hoped that the research can lead to the development of newer and more effective treatments for the condition.

This particular study focused on type 2 diabetes; the form of the condition that leads the body to become resistant to insulin. Healthcare professionals have seen the number of type 2 sufferers increase in recent years, and UK virtual reception services have seen the number of diabetes-related appointment requests increase in line with these findings.

The study was carried out on laboratory mice, and it showed that the insulin resistance is actually reversible. Side effects with current treatments also include weight gain and problems with the heart and liver, but the study demonstrated that this is not a problem for this treatment.

However, the research is still in the early stages and those involved in the study have acknowledged that there are still many areas of the condition that are not fully understood. Human trials are planned in the future. While the research is good news, it could be some time before it has an impact on health care. Nevertheless, a treatment that is less arduous to apply and less concentrated on sugar levels and insulin levels, will be more amenable to patients.