Too big, too small, when do you need help from a virtual receptionist?

Is there a perfect size?

Is there a perfect size?

We have been talking to Physios about our virtual receptionist service at PhysioFirst. One of the subjects which comes up again and again when we go out to the professions is that some practitioners will say “Oh I don’t need you, my practice is too small, it’s only me.” Others say “Oh no I have full reception cover, I have 22 physios and 4 receptionists.” And although I wouldn’t want to argue with them, I have to question this.

Too Small?

We support many, many, practices where there is only one practitioner, but they don’t want to spend all their spare time trying to call back the clients who left a voicemail, (you can’t stop treating and pick up the phone, don’t even go there!) .They are also worried that if the caller gets an answer phone they will phone the next company on the list. So using a virtual reception service means they don’t have to. And they find it cost effective as they get increasing numbers of new customers. The telling thing is, once they try it they tend to stay with us.

Too big?

We give back up support to lots of practices with multiple receptionists. Do these receptionists never go off sick, holiday, parental leave? Do they always get to the phone or are they sometimes talking to a client at the desk? They tend to stay too.
There isn’t any key point at which you start to need a receptionist of your own. I was in private practice for over 20 years and I never earned enough income to pay for a full time receptionist as well as pay myself. I set up RTR because of that.

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