Businesses opting for non-enterprise cloud storage

Recent research has suggested that most business users of cloud storage are opting for packages designed for the general consumer rather than business packages.The survey used data from around 5,000 employees, most of whom use mobile devices to access cloud storage. It is estimated that a third of them will be making use of a combination of cloud storage products for their work because they cannot find one single package that offers everything that a company could need.

The analysts have suggested that providers are struggling to put together packages that suit individual industries and businesses. A number of cloud providers popular with consumers are already working on solutions for businesses. Industries such as the health industry need to consider issues such as patient confidentiality. Providers such as Box are already working on tailored packages for industries such as healthcare as well as media and retail.

However, despite the issues, businesses are still keen to make use of cloud computing as part of their IT systems, with most favouring providers that store the data locally. The alternative is using a global system wherein data is shifted to different servers around the world, limiting the possibilities of usage in the UK.

For those who have legal requirements to meet, as we do in healthcare, this could be a worry. A tailored package is often the best solution in these circumstances, such as that provided by most practice management systems. However if you are using a Google calendar your data could be held anywhere and there are some concerns that the data held in there may not be secure, or adequately encrypted. Some bloggers are questioning who owns the data on a Google diary, and some storage companies are beginning to find there is too much data held in cloud servers so may not keep it.  this is bad enough when it is you family photos, but crucial for  healthcare services. It is important to consider confidentiality and storage when choosing your calendar provider.

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