Can Apple Watch benefit your business?

Apple Watch- the apps are tiny

Apple Watch – the apps are tiny

I haven’t seen one but it seems fair to say reviews are mixed. It looks and feels beautiful but is slow to connect to its paired phone and the battery runs out too quickly. Curiously, for a watch, it is difficult to tell the time, and as a phone you can forget about privacy. I can imagine the apps are tiny so fat finger syndrome will be a nightmare; perhaps someone will develop a jewellery line that gives you a smart phone app applicator.
But that’s all OK because I haven’t got an iPhone 5 yet to pair it with and I generally buy the second or third generation, give them a chance to iron out the problems.

Benefits for my business?

  • Notification from Real Time Reception, of a new appointment booking goes straight to my wrist – I can unobtrusively sneak a look while in a meeting or with a client.
  • I won’t need to dive into my handbag scrabble around for my phone and then miss the call.
  • I can reply to texts with stock answers ie I’ll call you back, or dictate a reply, and use suri to dictate notes etc. or for searches.
  • I should be able to view my calendar software on my wrist. Brilliant!


I’m looking forward to that 3rd generation phone.