The health sector is open- lets build your business

The health sector is open for business and we can help you build your business back.

If only clients would only phone at set times!

But they don’t and they don’t leave messages either. You need to get those calls answered to build your business back. Let us help

Some clinicians have been answering their own calls and they notice how awkward it can be to speak to a potential customer when you are in the car, supermarket or treating a patient. It is a reminder of the reasons why we started the business in the first place.

We are taking on new clients whose circumstances have changed,  and previous clients are returning as their businesses start to rebuild. If business is getting busy for you let us help you get it busier. Give us a call or email and build the business back.

Rebuild your clinic post furlough

social distancing and shielding

managing your clinic post furlough

Once the JRS scheme ends at the end of October you need to be ready to provide your service in your clinic post furlough.

Your costs have increased (haven’t they!) and customers are still wary, but also a bit desperate.

To put it mildly, it’s a tricky balancing act to start building up again. You have to decide how much time to allocate, what it will cost you and how many clients to expect. Are you going to open fewer hours?

And if you have one – what will happen to your receptionist?

At Real Time Reception we are looking at these issues too. As always we are providing a back up service if you have a part-time receptionist, or you are picking up calls yourself when you are not in clinic. Obviously, we are still providing a full time service if that suits. You never know when a potential client will call do you?

The team are working from home and they are still there to pick up calls 9-5. We will explain the restrictions, make your bookings and take card payments for you.

We have developed a new price list which reflects the longer calls that are the norm now, but don’t commit you to a big outlay when things are still pretty uncertain. We start at only £60 per month for 20 units, so if you are only getting 1 call per day that’s a win. The price list is available here.

Taking Prepayment for clinic appointments

Pre-payment for appointments

Clients Pre-payment eliminates loss of eanings due to no-shows.

Tom Kerridge has been in the news in the last couple of days – he is suing a customer who booked a table and then didn’t turn up. Sound familiar?

I don’t know if this is something that is still a problem in the Covid world, it definitely was in pre-Covid. For a number of clients taking prepayment for clinic appointments means that even when they are a no show, the clinic doesn’t lose out. We take payment at the time of booking, either a full payment or deposit. (non refundable unless cancelled with 24 hours notice)

In Covid world it is another way of reducing physical contact. At the vets yesterday they asked me to phone in with my card details after the appointment!

If you would like to know more there is some information here or you can email us. [email protected]

keep in touch with your customers

Currently we are not offering a free trial, but we are offering an alternative service to help you keep in touch with your customers.

It’s a difficult time for business – you don’t know whether you are going to have a lot of enquiries or hardly any; should you bring the staff back in? full time? part-time?

We can help.For £50 we will provide up to 50 calls answered or 1 week service.

This is a pre-paid service so you know exactly what you will pay, no sudden surprises. We send a message to you every time you get a call. This is for 1 week minimum or as long as you like. The maximum number of calls is 50, so at the end of your week you will know what the call volume is likely to be and can plan ahead.

contact us for more detail:

01263 517075

[email protected]

We are still here for you

still working for you

still working for you

We are providing our virtual clinic reception services from home, picking up calls for some of our clients, who are still “open” to patients with real need, and without exception these are podiatrists. So well done you lot, continuing to treat diabetics and PVD.

Most of our clients  are freezing their accounts so we are in a bit of a suspended animation, waiting, to be ready for the deluge.

Any of our clients reading this Please, please, please let us know when you know want to re-open. (We will need to get some staff back off furlough).

Meanwhile keep safe and well. Step away from the gin and the chocolate. You know it makes sense…..

and we will be ready when you need us to provide our virtual clinic reception service.