5 Reasons you should use online diary management in your clinic.

virtual Receptionist

Let us do your clinic appointment management, and use your free time more effectively.

Online diary management is definitely a thing.

You might be wondering if you should you use virtual receptionist services to book your clinic appointments? What are the advantages?

Well here are 5 of them.

  1. Patients get their call answered. – We aim to answer 90% of the calls on the first call. If you are busy treating patients you can’t be answering the calls yourself.
  2. Efficiency. – Our reception team will have the details of your business, treatments, location, prices etc and access to your diary so they can book your clinic appointments straight away, giving information given to patients and (if you wish) a deposit taken. All done and dusted without any distractions to you – the clinician.
  3. Cost effective. -We charge a small basic fee which includes a number of calls handled per month, and after that you are charged according to the number of calls over that. So, you are only paying for what you need. If you are not getting any calls through for any time you are not paying for them. Whereas if you have a receptionist on site they will still be paid even if they are not busy.
  4. No employment issues. -No PAYE, no workplace pension, no annual holiday, no sick leave. We have these issues factored in, – virtual receptionist services work as teams to make sure there is always cover if anyone is away.
  5. Time. -You have enough to do providing clinical treatment and all that entails. You don’t want to spend time calling back clients, who may have booked elsewhere, or just be unreachable. you can hand all the clinic appointment management over to a virtual reception service and use your free time more effectively.

Interested? Give us a call 01263 517075. Or email [email protected]


There is nothing like a bit of sun and a bank holiday to ensure we get active

Good news for all the Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Podiatrists and any other physical therapists out there. –

Easter is almost upon us and the BBC weather app on my phone tells me it is going to be warm and sunny – at last!!!

There is nothing like a bit of sun and a bank holiday to ensure we start to get active – gardening, walking, canoeing – everyone will be busy this weekend and that means they will be suffering on Tuesday. Which means in turn that it will be busy for you guys.

Here at RTR HQ we are preparing for a rush of calls next Tuesday morning, so you can be sure we will be ready to pick up your calls and book appointments for your clients. Read more…

Alright Love? As a professional should you always use a patients name

Ireland’s health service have made a recommendation to call patients by their first name rather than use generic terms such as love or dear. Do they need to be told! As a professional you always call patients by their name, and in some cases this would be their surname as it might seem more appropriate. This infers that you have read the client’s notes and identified them. If the name is wrong then you will have looked at the wrong notes!

Calling someone love is ageist – both old and young and demeaning. My hair is no longer dyed the vibrant red it used to be, and I am treated differently to the way I used to. People call me dear or love more than they did. Do they consider me as somehow less able than them because I have hair a lovely shade of pewter?

In the unlikely event that I ever have to live in a retirement home, carers who remember that I am Jennie, not Jennifer, might remember that I drink tea very weak and without milk, hate mashed spuds and most green things and prefer University Challenge to Eastenders.

I am not generic and neither is anyone else!

Taking Card Payments in your Clinic?

Are you still only using cash or cheques in your practice?
Your patients might not be…

I get brought up short sometimes these days when I need change for parking, or I have to enter my pin for something. Free cash machines are disappearing, its more difficult to send patients out to get cash.

We are all using contactless phones and cards to pay for everything, including our services and treatments! You can’t ignore the trend.

So, if you are not already taking card payments in your practice you do need to think again.

I’ve looked around at the current independent payment gateways and done a bit of homework for you. Read more…

Is there a growing trend towards missed bookings?


missed bookings mean lost income

I’m wondering because I read a newspaper article on missed bookings in restaurants, and one of the points they made was that it only takes one table of five to not turn up and they have lost their profit margin. The implication of the article was that missed bookings are a trend and it’s not just bad manners, it really matters to small businesses.

I wonder if this is also happening in private healthcare services, such as the ones that our clients supply. A customer who fails to turn up for a booking means lost income, (and a waste of time, you generally wait a bit and then its too late to get on with anything before the next customer arrives). We don’t “see” at this end, whether customers turn up so we can’t tell if this a big problem. We always remind customers routinely that they should give at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation, and several clients get the customer to sign an acknowledgement of this. But its no good if this is the first appointment, (see my blog on young men time wasters).
So my question is – Is this an increasing problem? Are the public more inclined to book something and then drop it?

If you think this is a problem there are several solutions:

  • reminder texts and emails
  • reminder calls
  • prepayment by credit card. (At least you don’t lose income)

Several of our clients have mentioned it and requested we take a prepayment deposit or full fee. Contact us if you’d like further information on any of these.