Choose and Book to be replaced?

Anyone having trouble making a decision over which diary system to use for their clinic will be able to empathise with the Department of Health, who, as reported in the Guardian are quietly dropping choose and book in favour of an e-referral scheme.
At the heart of their problem is that trying to get all GPs and patients to use one system is like trying to herd cats. Some older patients found the technology too difficult, and GPs find it too time consuming to use during surgery, with the patient still there.
The purpose of Choose and Book was to ensure patients were booked into an appointment where and when they wanted, rather than continuously batting phone calls and letters back and forth in the hope of achieving a satisfactory conclusion. If you are still using an answer phone system to pick up calls from your patients, this is a scenario you will be very familiar with, and it’s what makes our virtual reception service and appointment booking service so important. We pick up all the calls, make the bookings and forward messages, efficiently and cost effectively.
Many online diaries will allow online booking by clients, we have a list of them on the website here, but there will still always be customers who need to talk to someone, and that’s what makes us so good for your business.
Hopefully whatever new system the NHS brings in will still enable those who can book online. But clearly there is still a long way to go before everyone will use their smart phone or laptop to book in to your clinic online.