Concerned about increased cyber security risk?

Current international tensions are believed to be responsible for an increase in cyber security risks for businesses around the world.

The warning has come from one of the world’s leading experts in internet security. Apparently recent events and conflicts have seen tensions increase around the globe. The UK and global lead for KPMG’s online security business has stated that it is now common for cyber-attacks to become a way for international political conflicts to play out.

But don’t panic! Whilst it is unlikely that terrorists are likely to target your diary software or even your client’s notes, they may aim at your bank accounts, and other soft-wares get caught up in the sweep. So the need to be vigilant continues. Protect your pc and do a regular scan, use cryptic passwords and ideally change them regularly. Here at Real Time we regularly use 12 digit passwords which are very difficult to hack.

The UK government has already drawn up a series of proposals and created the National Cyber Security Strategy, which is aimed at protecting UK businesses as much as possible. However, in the same warning, businesses are being urged not to panic. The warning aims to advise businesses that they need to have plans for internet security that will protect them in the event of a breach.