Could a Robot do Your Job!?

Is AI a threat to Health Professionals?

Is this where we are heading?

Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to the Health Professions?

With Artificial Intell everywhere at the moment, a robot doesn’t need two arms, two legs and a head anymore. First it was a machine automatically welding and spraying our cars in a factory. Then they automatically counted our blood cells for illness diagnosis and now sequence our DNA in minutes and foretell the probability of what illnesses we might get in the future.

As individuals we are more likely to use an ‘app’ on our phone to continuously monitor our vital signs. The day of everyone being their own medical advisor is here.

The news today states that some of these ‘apps’ have been hacked, so wide is their use, and confidential information could become public. How important this is has yet to be seen but some patients have refused to have even their anonymised data used for research by the NHS so strongly they feel.

The availability of tests such as monoclonal antibody screens are also widely available for the individual over the internet increasing the likelihood of self-diagnosis by individuals.

However, although mobile phone apps etc are so easy to use and may provide masses of data for future statistical heath analysis how often have we heard doctors when consulting with patients say,’ Well the test results are clear but I’m still not happy and will order some other tests. Many times it is more to do with a professional feeling than just a test result.

There are some very positive ways we are using AI.

Optometry! Have you noticed the cost of glasses coming down?

Orthotics CAD/CAM made using 3D printers. Using graphene, so you can diagnose,  create the orthotic and manufacture it to different densities in different parts of the foot. Will we have different orthotics for all our shoes? Cost down, consumption up?

Could a robot do our job here at Real Time Reception. Well I guess they could, would it be the same?