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Helping you manage patient service! Whether you are managing a multi-clinic enterprise, or working on your own, we have a package to suit you.

Real Time Reception has been providing patient appointment scheduling online for health professionals since 2006. Our founder, Jennifer, started working in the NHS as a podiatrist in 1983, and has worked in a variety of private clinics with other medical practitioners, physiotherapists and consultants.

As practitioners ourselves, we appreciate the need for clinics to run smoothly, and the overriding concern of patient confidentiality – all our receptionists are trained professionals who understand the importance of handling sensitive patient information.

Medical practices have different needs than other businesses, our service is custom designed so our staff will always:

  • Contact you with any urgent enquiries.
  • Book clients in, detailing their name, telephone contact number and address.
  • Give your patients as much information as possible about your clinic, your services and your fees. We can provide details of insurance treatments, give directions and any other information you want.
  • And we deal with all patients enquiries with the strictest confidentiality


Managing Multiple Clinics

A “Friendly, Efficient, Professional and Dependable” Central Booking Service to manage GP referrals and self-referrals to multiple clinics and practitioners.

Paul Hatton  South Devon Osteopaths

South Devon Osteopaths provide osteopathic services under the AQP provision for the NHS in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Herefordshire and Hampshire. Services are provided at various sites, hospitals and GP surgeries around the counties, and employ the services of different Osteopaths in each location. Some services need GP referral, some are allowed to self refer. Clients can telephone in for an appointment or GP surgeries fax the referrals across to the reception service.
The problem was how to manage the bookings, Paul Hatton, managing director “I did bookings myself but as clinics became busy I would spend all lunch time etc returning calls…. using Real Time Reception has freed up time to actually run the business”.

A central booking service was the obvious choice to deal with all the clinics. “I did an online search and Real Time Reception came up with the best package to suit us and I found them the most friendly”

Real Time Reception provide the solution, we pick up the calls and book the appointments live; for faxed referrals we enter the client details so that when they phone in we can book them directly. In both cases we send a confirmatory letter.

South Devon Osteopaths is a growing business. When a new clinic opens all Paul needs to do is format the diary, send us the new clinic details and patient information and we do the rest! Attention to detail is crucial in this mix of clinics, clients and practitioners; NHS referrals require a 10 digit NHS number and a Choose and Book number, “these numbers are always spot on. It’s all about attention to detail”.

A remote reception service allows a business to grow in a modular fashion without the upfront cost of “admin”. “With a good online practice management system and Real Time Reception you can effectively run the business with no paper, office or staff. The saving to a small clinic getting started is considerable and as Real Time Reception charge per call your receptionist charges will only ever be a percentage of your income as it grows”

Paul’s comments on the service speak for themselves
“Friendly, efficient, professional and most of all dependable. I worry that clinicians may fall ill, be late for clinics, TM2 may crash, internet may slow up but never that Real Time Reception will not be there to pick up the phone at 8.00.”

Small but Perfectly Formed

The advantages of an appointment booking service also benefit smaller enterprises

Drum Lane Podiatry Clinic  in Petersfield, Hampshire is a single operator Podiatry Clinic run by Sian Phillips.

Initially Sian did all her own bookings but describes her experience “people would phone when I was in clinic, I would ring them back, they had gone out and we played telephone tag for a while until we finally got hold of one another or they had gone elsewhere. Basically, I needed the phone answered straight away or called back as soon as possible.”
The problem was finding someone to answer the phone. Sian says “When I first started up someone recommended employing 3 or 4 people part time, if they didn’t do too many hours it avoided paying national insurance, but it worked out I would have been working to pay them rather than myself.”

A contented customer of Real Time reception

Sian – a happy client of Real Time Reception, enjoying her free time.

Sian realised she needed a remote reception service and contacted another provider “but they were not sure about answering questions about what I did”. Then she saw our advert. Our experience of clinical work means that our receptionists can reassure clients that Sian can deal with their problem and book appropriately.

Drum Lane Clinic uses a PracticePal diary. We simply pick up calls and make the bookings, and send messages by email. Sian finds her business has grown, the service is very efficient and good value. “This has been brilliant and hassle free for me and no worries about rotas, holidays or sickness.” And her clients think we are “lovely”.
Sian would definitely recommend Real Time Reception.


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