Healthcare Answering Service

healthcare answering service

Listening skills are crucial in our healthcare answering service

Do you run a health-related business? Then you need a specialised healthcare answering service.

A medical practitioner can’t just drop everything to answer the phone every-time it rings, obviously. But you do need to capture those calls, whether it is new or returning patient bookings.

As a clinician you really need our healthcare answering service. Why?

It’s really about understanding what the caller is looking for. At Real Time Reception we train our call handlers to ask the right questions and book the right appointment.

Healthcare industries vary according to the different professions, and within the range of treatments. At Real Time Reception we handle calls for Podiatry, Audiology, Acupuncture, physio, Osteopathy, Pilates……..but different practitioners provide different treatments, work different hours, at different clinics and work for different insurance companies.

You, as a professional can give us information about the treatments you provide, and we use this to guide your patient to the right appointment.

Listening skills and understanding are crucial and this takes time and training, so staff retention is crucial. Some of our staff have been with us since the beginning, and they are helping to pass on their skills to newer team members.

We expect it to be at least 3 months before a new member of the team can learn the skills, knowledge and understanding they need, but they are all always learning – as you change your business we change ours.

Our Healthcare Answering Service will leave you free to continue your treatments, safe in the knowledge that your calls are being handled and appointments booked.