Healthcare providers seek new IT solutions to improve productivity

IT provision in healthcare services is a growing industry as a study has shown that large proportions of providers find that IT services can help them to improve productivity.

The study looked at healthcare in both the US and Europe and revealed that more than 60 per cent of the bigger hospitals believe that the right IT solutions offer value for money and allow them to meet the targets set. There is also increased awareness of the potential of services such as cloud storage as IT companies offer low-cost solutions that can do the same job as the more expensive ranges of software.

The research revealed that most healthcare providers and services turn to IT in order to keep productivity at high levels. They also found that in larger hospitals, the right IT solutions can help with decision-making. In smaller hospitals and clinics, they can help to recruit and keep the right medical professionals.

The technology that is most often adopted in healthcare is cloud computing. It is estimated that around half of business communications in healthcare in the US and Europe are now carried out through the cloud. This figure is expected to grow as cloud and internet security continue to improve.

Smaller companies are ahead of the crowd in this regard, they have been using reception services and other cloud based software for some years, as it enables them to provide services that used to require a massive investment in hardware.