How to dial an extension Hands-Free

You know how it is. You’re driving. You need to call someone at their office. They have an IVR (choose 1 for sales, 2 for accounts….). How to do it? I’m assuming you use Bluetooth, hands-free, and the person you need to call is in your contacts.

puppy on the phone

To put in an extension – just add a PAWS to the number.

For iPhone

  • In contacts go to the contact and choose edit.
  • Pick the number you are going to edit, then tap the +*# key, bottom left.
  • Then tap pause (under number1) This enters a pause in the dialling, which shows as a comma in the number display.
  • Enter the extension number
  • Tap done
  • You should then see the call number as something like 1234567891,345.

For a Samsung android phone

  • Enter the number, or choose from contacts
  • Tap on [email protected]#
  • Choose pause (,)
  • Tap on the 123 button
  • Enter the extension number, and save.