Independent health professionals benefit from cloud storage

Cloud storage is quickly becoming a popular option for small businesses and is also ideal for the independent health professional.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its efficiency in storing data and ensuring patient confidentiality. However, it has been found that the uptake of this data storage method has been slow to catch on, and many small businesses are not really sure what it involves.

There is still concern among some people about using software that is held in a different location. Cloud storage has the advantage of allowing users to synchronise documents with other users so that there is no requirement for data to be moved from one computer to another. It can also save time as users can instantly access documents rather than try to send them via email.

Online portals allow documents to be altered easily when needed so that businesses with staff in more than one location can access the updated versions almost immediately. This is useful for medical professionals who need to be out and about visiting patients in their own homes.

Cloud providers have strengthened the security aspect of cloud storage so that it is actually more secure than storing data in-house in most cases. Having data in the cloud means that a lost computer, fire, water damage or theft will not prevent access to the information that is needed, particularly with the additional encryption available for data protection.

If you are using an online diary you are likely to be using cloud storage. As stated before the ICO require the storage to be within  the EU.