We’ve renewed our status as Investors in People

Investors in People logoWe are very proud to announce that we have successfully renewed our status as Investors In People.

We are really thrilled because our employees are so important to us (and to our customers) and it is a way of ensuring that we are doing our best for them.

Our success is dependent on the loyalty, enthusiasm and commitment of our team.

Service industries like ours are reliant on the willingness of employees to reach the standards we require and, on occasion, well beyond. This is about mind-set as well as working conditions, its about building a relationship with clients, and it’s about feeling valued.

It takes us several months to train our team to deal with your calls. It goes almost without saying that the team members need to be polite and caring when talking to your customers. Most of our clients are health professionals so the staff learn about the ethos of dealing with health issues, confidentiality, a moderate amount about the health issues that different professions can deal with and treatments they give.

The team need to get used to the different diary soft-wares that our clients use. We never turn away any soft-ware but we do have favourites and clearly the more often you use a soft-ware the easier it becomes. So a busy clinic using an unusual soft-ware is easier to learn than a clinic that only gets 2 or 3 calls per week. If you are expecting us to handle few calls you would be best served by using an existing easily accessible diary.

We are a small business, we don’t have a huge team, but we are seldom short-staffed because they will cover holidays and sickness for each other. During the recent snow four members of staff who live within walking distance did just that, even though it wasn’t their shift.

So our staff are an incredibly valuable asset to us and to our clients, and we really appreciate them.