Pre-Payment as you Book

Missed appointments can mean lost income

Missed Appointments a problem?

One way round it is Pre-Payment of a deposit or full fee in advance. It seems to jog the client’s memory and even if it doesn’t you have still got your fee.

As virtual receptionists working with many clinics we know that all clinics will have some patients who fail to attend. This is a potential loss of income for the therapist and it can be difficult to get a fee for a missed appointment.


How it works

For Pre-Payment you must have a merchant account and the account issuer will give you information about setting up a virtual terminal, which is the portal that takes payment for your bank account over the internet. If your clients can book online from your website you can make  prepayment a requirement of the booking.

If your customers like to phone in we can take the payment for you

  • we take their details, book the appointment and tell them we need to take a deposit.
  • We then link securely to your merchant terminal, and take the card details and payment.
credit card security

Card security is vital if you are taking prepayments

Data Security

PCI compliance is the standard of security that the Payment Card Industry require of you and us. Not surprising this is quite strict.

Among other things it requires us to ensure that nobody working here can store data on anyone’s credit or debit card. When taking a payment we pause call recording to ensure that we have no record of their card numbers etc. Staff do not keep paper and pen on their desks or mobile phones in the office.

We keep no record of the transaction at all except the fact that there has been one and the date/time. So you can be confident that your clients data is safe.