What does it cost ?

Our business depends on volume; the more work we do for you the lower the cost of every transaction. We have developed price plans to help everyone  from a start-up to the busiest multi-practitioner  clinic, and everything in between.

Services are charged per unit (a unit is an incoming call or outgoing call or message to your client). If we miss an incoming call during office hours we call your client back at no charge.

20 messages per month included !

Additional messages are 1 unit.

The more units used, the more cost-effective the service becomes!

We can provide a Free Trial, for you to try our service and to determine which is the best package for you. Call us for more information about this and our other services e.g. free waiting list management.

Appointment Booking

Most of our clients are looking for appointment booking services. By its nature a professional appointment booking service requires more communication and information than a simple messaging service.

All our charges are calculated on the amount of time a task takes a receptionist. There is a base cost including a set number of units and once these have been used there is an individual fee per unit. We can create a bespoke plan for you, but for the current price plan follow this link.

Price plans April 2018

The Messaging Service

This gives you a phone number and a receptionist to answer your calls and forward messages to you by text or email.

Starting at only £20 per month – click here for more information.. 

Holiday Cover

Need someone to handle your calls whilst you take some time off? Whether you’re basking in the sun or off climbing a mountain, you can relax knowing your business calls are being professionally handled. Our cover is provided for a minimum period of 2 weeks and at the end of your holiday, we forward you a list of all your bookings and messages.

Charged as per the basic messaging package below, all calls cost £2.60 each. Messages are sent to you FREE!

Cost Summary: Starting from £20 (plus VAT) – non refundable, more information


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