Rebuild your clinic post furlough

social distancing and shielding

managing your clinic post furlough

Once the JRS scheme ends at the end of October you need to be ready to provide your service in your clinic post furlough.

Your costs have increased (haven’t they!) and customers are still wary, but also a bit desperate.

To put it mildly, it’s a tricky balancing act to start building up again. You have to decide how much time to allocate, what it will cost you and how many clients to expect. Are you going to open fewer hours?

And if you have one – what will happen to your receptionist?

At Real Time Reception we are looking at these issues too. As always we are providing a back up service if you have a part-time receptionist, or you are picking up calls yourself when you are not in clinic. Obviously, we are still providing a full time service if that suits. You never know when a potential client will call do you?

The team are working from home and they are still there to pick up calls 9-5. We will explain the restrictions, make your bookings and take card payments for you.

We have developed a new price list which reflects the longer calls that are the norm now, but don’t commit you to a big outlay when things are still pretty uncertain. We start at only £60 per month for 20 units, so if you are only getting 1 call per day that’s a win. The price list is available here.