25% Wage rise for Receptionists

Employing a receptionist will cost 25% more

Employing a receptionist will cost 25% more

A receptionist will enhance your business; they are the first point of contact for your clients and give a great first impression.

Many receptionists in small business are currently paid minimum wage, work part-time and/or flexible hours because this fits in with their family life, and these are the people most often employed by small health clinics. George Osborne announced an increase in the minimum living wage last year in the April budget. If your clinic employs a receptionist at all (even for only a few hours) this will affect your business.

25% wage rise

In a nutshell if you are currently an employer with any employees over 25 years of age you must pay at least £7.20 per hour from 1st April 2016. This is an increase of 50 pence per hour on the current minimum wage so on a 20 hour week will be £10.00 per week or 7.5% increase.
Over the next 3 years to it is due to rise further to £9.00 per hour. This is a rise of 25% from the current level and on a 20 hour week it amounts to £38. If you employ more than one receptionist on differential wages you will need to maintain the differential.

There’s another cloud on the horizon for employers – workplace pensions.

If you haven’t already started to pay pensions you will be by next year. This will be 3% of the wage on top of the employee’s contribution. So an employee on £9.00 per hour will be entitled to 27 pence per hour on top into their pension, £5.40 per week or £280 per year.

Fantastic for employees but how will employers find the additional costs?

In a survey by the FSB

  • 54% of SMEs said there would be a negative impact on their business .
  • 52% of these would put off hiring new staff .
  • 50% will raise prices.

Your practice may be able to soak up the increasing cost of employing reception staff,

  • You can increase fees to buffer the rise.
  • You can do more of the reception yourself.
  • Or you can engage a virtual receptionist to support your reception staff or even cover reception entirely.

Because you are only paying a small proportion of the employment costs you will only feel a small proportion of the increase, so it will be an even more cost effective way to run your clinic.

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