The customer’s view

We hardly everĀ meet our client’s customers, but we were lucky enough to meet Gillian Jordan, Vice Chair of the PPEF at the PhysioFirst Conference last weekend. Gillian is a client of Charlotte McGregor, Podiatrist at FinchleyFeet.

” I was recommended to Charlotte as a podiatrist. When I phoned the number I spoke to a very nice Ā receptionist who was very helpful. The transaction was quite straightforward, she took my details and booked the appointment for me. When I attended Charlotte’s clinic I couldn’t see the receptionist so IĀ told her how helpful sheĀ had been, and she told me she used Real Time Reception. There was no receptionist at the clinic, everything was done remotely. It couldn’t have been easier to make an appointment.

I wish I’d used this service when I was in practice.