Taking Card Payments in your Clinic?

Are you still only using cash or cheques in your practice?
Your patients might not be…

I get brought up short sometimes these days when I need change for parking, or I have to enter my pin for something. Free cash machines are disappearing, its more difficult to send patients out to get cash.

We are all using contactless phones and cards to pay for everything, including our services and treatments! You can’t ignore the trend.

So, if you are not already taking card payments in your practice you do need to think again.

I’ve looked around at the current independent payment gateways and done a bit of homework for you.

Sumup is doing a special offer on the card reader at the moment, normally it will cost another £40. Stripe require you to make an enquiry to get the price of the card reader, but the fees look promising.

Our part of the country is not known for its 4G or even mobile phone connectivity,  but I have come across some very small businesses using Sumup and iZettle perfectly efficiently here.

Small businesses like ours benefit from these lower priced merchant services. You might find that patients spend a bit more when it’s invisible. I know I do.