A cheaper way of taking card payments?

Batang Ai lake at sunset

Sunset at Batang Ai, just a bit different from the office.

Batang Ai is a stunningly beautiful lake in Borneo formed by damming a couple of rivers in the 1980s. There is only one structure at Batang Ai, a hotel. Within the hotel is a pool, a bar and a shop, none of which are available further upriver, and therefore most welcome. Here I was able to purchase a sarong, and pay by card using the retailers mobile phone. A small gadget was attached to the phone via the charger port, my card was inserted to this and the phone became a terminal! We had to go outside to get a signal, but it all worked perfectly.

So, I’ve tried it and it worked, in the middle of Borneo, miles from anywhere and using 4G. I wonder if we could use it here?

Well there area number of  providers of this service including Barclays, World Pay and Sumup.  At first glance it looks as if they may be a cheaper option than having a terminal linked to your phone line.  Providers require you to purchase the gadget, for between £40 and £60, but that is a one off payment. Thereafter you pay a percentage, from 1.95% to 2.6% on the sites I found. There is no monthly fee! And that alone makes it a cheaper option than my streamline account.

Will it work here in the UK?  Well it will certainly work in the clinic as I have wi-fi already. Outside it will depend on your  3G and 4G.

In case you are wondering the attached photo is Batang Ai. Wonderful.