Transparency and Trust

Business relationships are founded on trust

Business relationships are founded on trust

When a business hands over part of its process to an outsourcer trust is essential

– you could simply never hand over to someone if you are not confident they will handle your clients  the way you would like. But trust has to be built, so when you are looking for an outsource and the relationship is new you probably start small, give them some simple calls to do, and might question the invoices and any murmurs of dissatisfaction from customers.

In return we outsourcees need to be truthful and clear. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes but hopefully they can be easily sorted. We like to think we are transparent here at Real Time Reception. We don’t list every call we answered routinely but we can send that information if you request it. We record all calls, and again you could ask for them all but you are unlikely to want to listen to all of them. If we have billed you for messages you should have received them, if you haven’t something has gone wrong.

We’ve recently started to (manually) categorise incoming calls to clinics, so we can record whether the call is from a new patient or for a follow up appointment, or cancelations or for customers who can’t fit into the current clinic opening times.

It is information you might find useful, it is not of much interest to us, but it does give a snapshot and when we pool all of these stats we can, hopefully, learn some stuff. When we first started Real Time we collected this data and it consistently showed that 60% of calls were related to a booking. This time next year I will look at it and let you know if that is still the case.