Making the Most of your Remote Reception Service.

You’ve made a great choice in choosing a remote reception service.

We can do whatever you want us to do. We just need to know what that is. Outsourced receptions services are cost effective and efficient  but to make the best use of us remember the 3 rules

  1. Ensure your diary reflects your available booking time

    We have lots of experience of setting up diaries. When you join the Real Time Reception Community we will help you set out your diary so that it is clear to us and efficient for you.
    If you work in more than one location and/or there is more than one person working in your business you really must have more than one diary. If the diary accurately reflects everyone’s workload and location it will work. Trying to fit a lot of workers onto one page of diary is confusing. Remember that when the receptionists look at the diary page they can’t always see the whole page. As you can see in  this Google diary they usually having to scroll up and down to see the bookable times.

    Google diary week to view

    Google diary week to view – scroll up or down to view bookable slots

    Putting the name of the location or the person at the top may not help. We can help you with this.

    Ask someone who you trust but who doesn’t know your business to look at your diary and see how easy is it to find an appointment with a particular practitioner etc.

  2. Clear instructions

    Be consistent. It is your business so we will do what you instruct us to do. Here are a few things to think about .
    Having a receptionist gives you a gatekeeper and some of your older established clients might expect you to deal with them direct. Do you want us to let you know when they call so you can continue to do this? or book them and then let you know?
    Think about whether you really want a text or email every time someone books cancels or calls?

  3. Keep us in the loop.

    Practitioners come and go, hours change, you go on holiday, you decide to take a day off. It is vital to keep us up to date. Check your diary regularly.
    Let us know if there is a change to access, roadworks outside the business, introducing parking meters.
    And don’t forget to let us know if you increase your fees, start a new service or move premises.

If you follow these guidelines and check your diary regularly we will all work together beautifully.

If you would like to learn more about our on line reception services and our telephone answering service give us a call on 01263517075,

or email  [email protected] or use our contact page.