Planning your Virtual Reception Package

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You put time effort and money into your business. So do we.


You’ve put a lot of effort and money into your business. So have we. We all want to get it right but that takes a little time. So, you’ve looked at the information and the costs involved and decide you would like to try virtual reception. What to do now?

We will send you a contract  –  minimum 3 months, a direct debit mandate and an info form.

The info form

We provide a service tailored to your business, and to do that you need to tell us about who works there, what they do, contact details, specialities, your opening hours, fees.

The info form is for you to give us that information,  then we enter it into our software.

To make this easier we have some forms (pdf) you can access here:  Messaging for a simple messaging service,  or diary management if you would like the appointment booking service. If there are several co-workers in your businessyou will need to give us their information as well.

calendar software

Which calendar software are you using?

The calendar

We also need to know

  • Which calendar software are you using?
  • Do we need to train staff here on it?
  • Can we access it easily?
  • We need more than one login, is that do-able?
  • Is it clear to us or does it need tweaking?
  • We access from a PC, not a tablet.


The phone

  • Can you divert from your clinic or business line?
    If you haven’t diverted calls before you need to check.
  • Payasyougo mobiles don’t generally divert.
  • Landlines can but don’t always have the function switched on. Contact your provider.

When all this is in place we allocate you a number to divert to, you make a couple of test calls and we are ready to start.


*If you are on a free trial you will be sent a contract ready for after the trial ends. We are sure that at the end of the trial you will be delighted and decide to continue with us. If not, that’s fine, but remember to let us know.
Please be aware that the free trial service does not provide holiday cover, you must be available for work during the free trial period.

We also provide holiday cover

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