Virtual Reception Service vs Part-Time Receptionist

Noticed a few posts suggesting podiatrists get a retired receptionist part-time rather than use a virtual receptionist – REALLY?  So many reasons why that isn’t such a great idea.

 Virtual Receptionist
Retired Part-time Receptionist
Hours We are open 10 hours a day to take calls for our clients. We cover holidays and sick leave, so you don’t have to.
Maybe you can get all your patients to phone in at certain times - Good luck with that.
CostStarting from £155 plus VAT (£186) per month
£8.21 per hour plus NI and holiday and sickness pay

Understand the businessWe work with health practitioners, we understand podiatry, physio, osteo, chiropractic and other therapies.
You’ve got to train them
Know your businessWe do learn about your business quite quickly, but we have all the information to hand to be sure.
Again - you have to train them
Friendly faceOur teams are always polite and friendly. We try to be helpful. If we can’t answer a question we send you a message.
When they are there
Bring you coffeeOkay – we can’t bring you coffee
Yep, they can do that

If you have a multi-therapy clinic with a generous turnover then sure, get yourself a full time team, but for small clinics you can have “a full time receptionist at a fraction of the cost”. And don’t forget if you do have an on-site receptionist you can still use a virtual reception team to back-up.