Work-Life Balance for healthcare professionals

maintain a work life balance

It’s important to maintain that right work-life balance

It’s all very well advising patients but what about you? Free time is a precious commodity.

Running a health clinic is a full-time job. Even if your patient contact time is for a limited number of hours you can still find yourself on-duty full time. You never know when a potential customer will phone in to book an appointment. But you are a health professional and you give your full attention to your patient; you can’t just stop to answer the phone.

It is easy to end up spending precious free time or family time trying to call everyone back which is exhausting and time consuming and complicated. Not everyone is available when you call back.

We help our clients maintain that work-life balance.

We’ll pick up your calls, and our friendly receptionists give callers all the information they need.

They can book appointments, give directions and remind customers to remove nail polish, bring a list of their current medication or any other information you ask us to give.

They reschedule or cancel appointments for you or the customer.

They can take a card payment for you.

All of this frees up a considerable part of the day, so that when our clients have finished face to face contact with their patients they can go home, take the dog for a walk, and chill with the family, or whatever else they want to do – knowing all the admin is being taken care of here.