Young men are wasting NHS time

missed appointment

Are young men too scared to keep their clinic appointments?

The number of missed appointments reported by the NHS has risen…….. and the main culprit is young men. This is no surprise to us, private practices find the same problem.

I used to have young male patients call to book an appointment for the same day and they would then fail to attend! Why? Personally, I think they are much more nervous about medical things than women. Older men are pretty poor at attendance too, they tend to avoid making an appointment, so at least they aren’t wasting your time.

Now I charge before the appointment, I don’t mind if they don’t turn up so much then. At Real Time Reception we can help you make a success of your practice by taking a deposit or prepayment for appointments.

But that still leaves the patient with a problem, how to reassure them that it won’t hurt, and we will cure them?