Holiday Cover for Healthcare Reception

holiday-coverWhether it’s lying on the beach, or trekking through the Alps, it is the getting away from it all that you need. What you don’t need is to come back to a mountain of voicemails and emails needing your attention.

That is what makes our Holiday Cover Service so good, you return home to a diary already booked, and one email with your important messages. You can keep up the relaxed mode just a little longer before you head off into the hurley-burley again.

With our automated receptionist system we make things oh so easy. You can plan your holidays anytime of the year and be confident your business is in good hands.

How does it work?

We need information about the services YOU provide, so that we can answer your calls sensibly.

For the messaging service we answer your calls in your company name, and take a name and number and brief message. These will be emailed to you at the end of your holiday.

To provide a booking service we need to know what is already booked. If you already use an online diary we will need access. If not we will create a Google diary for you. You can enter all your currently booked appointments in there, and while you are away we make bookings into those spaces using the information we have on your business.

When making a booking we take a full name and telephone number, and email address

If your client wants you to contact them we will take name and number and a brief message.

At the end of the holiday you can view the diary, with lots of new bookings in it, and we also send the messages to you. We will invoice you for the calls we have taken. We know you will be so pleased you’ll want to stay with us permanently. If you do we will give you the first month free, (minimum contract 6 months).


There is an annual fee of £40 (plus VAT) which is non-refundable, and must be paid before we provide the service. Once payment has been received we will create your account and allocate you a unique phone number to divert calls to. Calls are charged at £2.60 each, (plus VAT).

Never miss another call or booking
Call 0800 193 0121 or email [email protected]