5 Reasons you should use online diary management in your clinic.

virtual Receptionist

Let us do your clinic appointment management, and use your free time more effectively.

Online diary management is definitely a thing.

You might be wondering if you should you use virtual receptionist services to book your clinic appointments? What are the advantages?

Well here are 5 of them.

  1. Patients get their call answered. – We aim to answer 90% of the calls on the first call. If you are busy treating patients you can’t be answering the calls yourself.
  2. Efficiency. – Our reception team will have the details of your business, treatments, location, prices etc and access to your diary so they can book your clinic appointments straight away, giving information given to patients and (if you wish) a deposit taken. All done and dusted without any distractions to you – the clinician.
  3. Cost effective. -We charge a small basic fee which includes a number of calls handled per month, and after that you are charged according to the number of calls over that. So, you are only paying for what you need. If you are not getting any calls through for any time you are not paying for them. Whereas if you have a receptionist on site they will still be paid even if they are not busy.
  4. No employment issues. -No PAYE, no workplace pension, no annual holiday, no sick leave. We have these issues factored in, – virtual receptionist services work as teams to make sure there is always cover if anyone is away.
  5. Time. -You have enough to do providing clinical treatment and all that entails. You don’t want to spend time calling back clients, who may have booked elsewhere, or just be unreachable. you can hand all the clinic appointment management over to a virtual reception service and use your free time more effectively.

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